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Networks create points of contact. Because companies are more than market competitors. In our networks, we are in constant communication with others and share expertises as well as experiences.



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Our membership in the PLÖNZKE NETWORK allows us also to carry out extensive and complex projects in the entire IT spectrum. The quality claims of the PLOENZKE NETWORK to its member companies ensure a trusting relationship and best practices in the implementation. The exchange of experiences in our network means an increase in competence for us and real additional value for our customers.




The Founders Forum Kiedrich supports founders who have innovative business ideas with a mentoring concept for their foundation. Experienced entrepreneurs and managers advise and support start-ups with words and deeds and advice to foster sustainable. Once also launched as a start-up company in the Forum Kiedrich, dictaJet participates actively in the implementation of a functioning founders forum. dictaJet today stands by as a contact for new founders.