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Documentation is a broad-based service. We provide documentation according to current technical guidelines and norms in force. We create all necessary user documentation for devices, machines, plants and software. Furthermore, we offer processes as well as quality documentation for several industrial sectors.


Our broad industry experience refers to:

  • automation technology
  • machinery and plant engineering
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • vehicle technology
  • information technology


Techniques & Methods:

InDokumentIn our daily business we use our own online portal InDokument. As a platform it bears an embedded editing system which can also be used by our customers. The most important advantage of this best practice solution is central access for all users to all relevant documents on the one hand, and, furthermore, pursuit of the single-source principle on the other: One information source can be published to several formats. Thus re-use and translation management becomes more effective.


Furthermore, we know and use the advantages of information management with SharePoint®.