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Our customer is planning and manufacturing apron busses designed for use on airports. Today the company is world leader in this sector.


Analysis of The Current Status 

The operating manuals for the vehicles were created so far with a word processing software by the construction engineers beside their core tasks. After the customer had contacted dictaJet a consultation took place with respect of the as-is state.


For this purpose the problem areas of the documentation were identified and approaches to solving them were outlined.


The following requirements rose from the consultation:

  • Disburden own employees
  • Realize a homogeneous layout
  • Create documents with a homogeneous structure
  • Re-use suitable content in several manuals
  • Merge homogeneous information
  • Display information in a compact size

The documentation platform InDokument is the adequate application to modularize the manual content.


On the Way to The New Modularized Documentation

The work of dictaJet Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH staff could be integrated smoothly in the regular work flows of the customer. The way to an optimized modular documentation had the following steps:

  1. Develop style guide
  2. Structure content using the Information Mapping® method
  3. Modularize documents
  4. Harmonize layouts of action sequences and tables
  5. Transfer existing content from word documents in the documentation platform InDokument
  6. Create new content

Moreover the following legal aspects were processed:

  • Legal security for the North American market
  • Create safety instructions conform to ANSI Z535.6 standard

The new manuals were created in the dictaJet office.


Sustainable Benefit

The revised documentation and the creation of documents with the documentation platform InDokument have the following advantages:

  • Instruction manuals consisting of re-usable modules
  • Lower production costs for the documentation
  • Engineer are able to concentrate on construction
  • Simplified navigation inside the documents
  • Enhanced legal security

In future, further instruction manuals for different types of the bus family shall be updated or rewritten by dictaJet.