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Our customer is one of the leading suppliers in the area of voice and data communication via Voice over IP (VoIP) and ISDN.


Demands detected …

Because of a high degree of internal capacity utilization an interested company planned to outsource the creation of Technical Documentation. In a meeting with dictaJet GmbH the requirements for external services for Technical Documentation were concretized. The provided documents (brief instructions for ISDN adapters) were first checked by dictaJet for documentation specific aspects in consideration of DIN EN 62079.


During this process it turned out that the old documents which were created with Open Office had some reusable contents. To make it possible using the existing capabilities the customer decided to commission the specialists of the dictaJet GmbH to rework the manuals.


The following aims were defined:

  • homogeneous layout and structured contents for all documents
  • creation of re-usable modules in a content management system
  • relieving the work burden of internal employees in development department from creating documentation

 Demands covered

Based on the manuals evaluated before the editorial department of dictaJet proceeded as follows:

  1. providing the guidelines for creating
  2. structuring the content using the Information Mapping™ method
  3. importing existing content as re-usable modules in the documentation platform InDokument
  4. adding safety instructions conform to ANSI Z 535.6 at places where needed

The Results

The good cooperation between our customer and dictaJet had the following results:

  • homogeneous layout of all revised documents
  • structured and thus faster findable contents
  • enhanced quality and thereby an improved legal certainty related to product liability
  • conformity to standards and target group appropriate information representation

The following benefits were outcome of the modularization and the integration in the content management system of the documentation platform InDokument:

  • re-use of the existing modules in a multitude of manuals, online-help files etc.
  • lowering of the costs for creation and translation
  • publishing in different formats (like PDF, Word, HTML, XML etc.) out of only one data base
  • less support calls

Further integrations of several documents in the documentation platform InDokument by the editorial department of dictaJet are planned.