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Our customer is a middle-class company located in the Rhein-Main-area. The company is a market leader on the sector of electron beam welding.


Challenges for dictaJet

At last the Technical Documentation for the electron beam welding machines was created or modified by the constructing engineers for every single machine configuration in the word processing program Word. The reason for contacting dictaJet by the customer was a increased amount of work and a soaring order situation.


Following requests were originated in the foregoing meetings:

  • Creating the documentation for the machines by specialized employees
  • Possibility to retrieve the manpower flexibly
  • Proximity of site to create the documentation simply on-site

Accomplishment of the Documentation Process

Important tasks which were performed by dictaJet were:

  • Creating single documents like operation manuals and maintenance manuals
  • Compiling complete machine documentation from documents like final inspection documents, engineering drawing and circuit diagram
  • Checking the contents of the complete documentation for coherence

Thus it is possible on the one hand autonomous and on the other hand integrated in all relevant documentation processes of the customer to assume all incoming documentation challenges in a high grade quality and on schedule.


Successful Out-Sourcing of Documentation Processes

For our customers the following advantages of creating the Technical Documentation by dictaJet technical writers are most important:

  • Creating the documentation finger on the pulse by a technical writer on-site
  • Constant quality of the documentation

Modular Creation of the Documentation – The Future

Following further actions are planned:

  • Creation of further manuals and documentation for the machines
  • Importing the contents of the whole documentation successively from Word into the documentation platform InDokument
  • Modular creation and structuring of manuals
  • Translation management for different target languages

Thus, the following further advantages are to be expected:

  • Decreasing amount of time for the creation of further variants of the Technical Documentation
  • Simplier recoverability of single modules in the documentation platform
  • proximity of site